Our Story — my version anyway

A girl walks into a bar… that is how this all started.

I was heading home in December of 2020. I stopped to have a drink at Sugar’s. I don’t like to drink alone, so why not.

With the stupid rules at the time due to the virus, you couldn’t sit at the bar, but you could sit at a table that was up against the bar. I sat down not realizing that it was a shared table. I started talking to the guy on the other side of the table.

Come to find out that we graduated High School together, and we know a lot of the same people. At 10, when the bars closed, we went back to my place and then later we to Arby’s for the curly fries.

Over the next couple weeks, we went out several times, but Gabe was moving to Phoenix at the end of the month. So, I just figured this was just a new friend.

We kept in touch and I decided to fly to Phoenix at the end of February to ride back to CB with him. Gabe had more stuff and Maverick to take to Phoenix. A few weeks later, Gabe met me in Laughlin NV. As we were leaving, he told me he was packing up and coming home. And yes, he brought Maverick home as well, couldn’t leave the puppy.

Over the following months, we have survived a complete bathroom remodel, and lots of travel. I learned to live with a dog. This was an undertaking to say the least. I never knew that German Shepherds shed more than cats. I must admit, he is a wonderful puppy, and I am very glad to have him in my life.

Our travels led us to Kansas to help Trae and Cydney move. We saw Garth in July in Las Vegas. In August we drove to Phoenix to pick up more of Gabe’s stuff and then spent a couple days in Las Vegas with some family. On the way home, spent a couple days with Rich and Traci in Taos New Mexico. That is not all, then in September we spent about 12 days in Florida, again with friends and family.

A few days after we returned home from Florida, Gabe shows me a ring, and says, ‘Will You?’… I think we all know the answer…

The date is February 23rd at 3PM. So 2/23/22 3pm. We wanted a fun date and we got it. And NO, we are NOT getting married by Elvis. A themed wedding would have been so much fun but planning a Dr Suess themed wedding in Vegas is not as easy as you would think.

Gabe and I are looking forward to our life together and very excited for everyone that is coming to spend the day with us.